Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lady Gaga Monster Tour Storyboards

I just finished storyboarding Rihanna's Diamonds Tour for 2013 and my client, Willo Perron brought up some old boards of mine from the Lady Gaga Monster Ball tour that I did a little over 3 years ago.

I realized that they've never seen the light of day, and a friend of mine was asking me what a board would look like for a concert, so I thought I'd post them. This was a particularly fun project, because I worked in studio with Miss Gaga, herself. The two other shows I boarded were the Kanye/Gaga concert(which never toured, but I'm hesitant post post anything from that crazy tour) and Rihanna's opener for the AMA's two years ago.

Basically, the only time when I'm brought in to board a concert is when the show has too many stage elements, too complex, and too highly conceptual to do without a storyboard. In other words, if it's being storyboarded, you know it's going to be good *wink* *wink* Please excuse the rough perspective lines. I had to do this without a Cintiq at the time.

All works posted here are property of Willo Perron Studios.


Nikki Lukas said...

I totally didn't think about those guys needing story boards for concerts, awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Sean Petrilak said...

Sure Nikki! Yeah, something I would never imagine doing, but that's life.

LaurenAndrews said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Ronan Thompson said...

This is awesome ! Thanks !
I can't wait to see the Gaga/Kanye post !