Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Cover

I've been working on this one off-n-on for abouts a week. The purpose of dividing it in thirds was to use it as my new cover for my website and sectioning is going to allow you to click on a particular third of the piece and navigate you to either the storyboard, concept, or illustration areas of the site. The site will be structured the same, it just won't have the quick-n-dirty cover I put together so I had something to show a particular group of clients at the time. Now that I had the opportunity, I'm revisiting the design and giving the portfolio a proper representation.

So what is it? An Aztec-Frazetta-Mucha-Dune'ish whatchamahiggish. Who cares, it's sexy.

1 comment:

Art Fan Ako said...

Hey, it's your call, it's your creation. So far so good. Looks like a great idea. I'll check back!