Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Yay! Just found out that it won the Concrete Jungle Contest. Here's the Winner's Page. It's going to be the cover art for the DVD and DVD menu for QD3's upcoming documentary "Concrete Jungle." A market I never considered, but definitely open to, as being a jack of all trades.


isabelle said...

very nice. congratulations! aww, sean you're a big rockstar now.

by the way, since i was the producer in all of this, the deductions of your paycheck go as follows:
my time spent on this project: $25
my profit (10%): $200
all of my supplies you used in order to complete this: $125
just because: $500
this means you owe me a total of $750, and because we're friends i know you're going to add on $250 more making my part of this money exactly half of what you earned. thank you for letting me support you like this. now give me my god damned money

hahahahah. just kidding. nice job anyway though.

Charlene Fleming said...

Awesome. Congrats!

Wilfred said...

Congrats Sean, I think it was the use of type that got you the winning vote :P - just messin' (but seriously) nice one!