Sunday, June 1, 2008


This piece is dedicated to the love-hate relationship that I have with my girlfriend's dog Tikoos (it means "mouse" in Indonesian, but I think of it more as a squirrel). He's a long-haired chiwawa. I'm house sitting for her and her parents while they're out in Hawaii riding dolphins and eating macadamia nut and pineapples.

He'll start yapping at anything. He'll bark at the freakin grass growing. You could yell "Damnit Tikoos, SHUT UP", but he'll cower to half his size, look back at you with his naturally scared-looking eyes and shiver. Then you feel like a jackass. Tikoos will hop up on you lap later and expose his belly to you in submission.

I should make a comic strip of him attacking the crows in the back yard. It's really funny, 'cause he's only about 3 lbs and those crows can snatch him by his long butt hair and fly off with him.